Kelvin Grove

Over the years Kelvin has entered into reciprocal arrangements with similar fine Clubs in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Zimbabwe as well as Johannesburg, Durban and Kimberley, and many more.

Reciprocity with these Clubs offer Kelvin Members the benefit of a “home away from home”; a port of call for Members to stay or just to enjoy a drink at the bar or a good meal. Just as we welcome our visiting reciprocal Members, you’ll find yourself most welcome. In a way reciprocity is like a marriage and we take considerable care to ensure that only clubs of a similar standing become affiliated and part of the family, to celebrate life with like-minded people of all ages, cultures and creeds.

Should any Member returning from their travels wish Kelvin to consider any additional overseas Club for reciprocity, they should forward a brochure of the Club to the General Manager.

The reciprocity procedure for Member’s wishing to use the facilities of our reciprocal Clubs is to apply at Reception for an Introduction Card from Kelvin to the Club concerned, confirming that the Member is in good standing at Kelvin Grove. This is presented on arrival to Reception at the reciprocal Club.

The Kelvin Member should become acquainted with the Standing Rules of the Club and also make payment arrangements before using the Club’s facilities, so that Kelvin retains its good name at all times.
Similar procedures are in place for our visiting reciprocal Members who are encouraged to visit us whenever in Cape Town.

At Kelvin we also have a category of Membership for those not a Member of one of our reciprocal Clubs. The cost of temporary membership is available on request.  Contact the Membership Department for more information. Members are encouraged to draw these benefits to the attention of their overseas guests and potential new Members. As George Moore once said, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”.



The Army & Navy Club


Toronto Lawn Tennis Club 

Terminal City Club 

British Colombia
Union Club of Victoria

Province of Alberta
The Glencoe Club, Calgary

Hong Kong

Hong Kong 
The Hong Kong Cricket Club
The Hong Kong Football Club


The Singapore Cricket Club
The Tanglin Club


The British Club


Club de la Union