A long hot and dry summer and the imposition of very stringent water restrictions is an unfortunate reality for all of us and whilst our Club is in the fortunate position of having a source of natural water, we can all play a part in conserving water as the collective impact of what may seem individually insignificant actions in our change rooms alone can have a huge effect.

Our dams are in a desperate state and whereas the first winter rains have had a tradition of falling around the Easter weekend, unless our winter rains are substantial, stringent water restrictions are likely to prevail.

The Club has enjoyed a busy summer season, a time when our facilities are traditionally well supported by members and their guests and, a very busy time for management and staff who do their best to ensure the member experience is seamless.

Performance forecasts for the past year are encouraging and we look forward to concluding the Financial Year successfully.

Improving the quality of our offerings and the Club experience for existing and new members is an ongoing but at times challenging objective with some diverse projects in the year ahead. Renovations to the ladies swimming pool change rooms have been completed, additions to the gymnasium and Pool Bar were approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting in November and construction will commence during March with minimal disruption to the existing facilities, improvements around the popular braai area and changes to the Terrace Lounge area are under consideration and plans for a minor extension to the Pavilion are at an advanced stage.

As members will be aware, the proposal tabled at the last AGM motivating that the swimming pool could be effectively and economically heated was not supported at Extraordinary General Meeting.

Annual subscriptions for 2017/2018 are due and members are encouraged to settle those accounts on or before March 31st.  While your Committee have been able to limit the subscription increase, membership dues are perhaps an appropriate reminder of Club Rules as they apply to guests. When those rules are infringed, the member concerned is in effect compromising the Club`s value system but perhaps more importantly, grossly unfair to other paid up  members when  guests are by way of example using tennis courts, the swimming pool or squash courts on a very frequent and free basis.

Our Club will be hosting an exciting tennis tournament in March that is likely to include some world class master`s talent from many different countries as well as a croquet tournament the details of which will be published on the Club`s notice boards and Web Page.

We host the annual Chris Burger Petro Jackson fund raiser in early March, our monthly gourmet dinners continue to be well supported and on a completely different tack, we are considering a proposal to publish a book on Kelvin Grove`s history and hope that some of our members may have historic material that could be included in such a publication.

We look forward enjoying your continued support during 2017.

Jon Eagar

Club Chairman