The year always seems to accelerate once the Easter weekend is over and for the first time in many years the start of our winter rains and the Easter weekend coincided.

We have enjoyed some very welcome rain but anyone seeing the state of the Steenbras Dam at the top of Sir Lowry`s Pass will realize that we need a lot of rain in the catchment areas before our water position in the Western Cape improves.

For the next few months the sporting entertainment focus at the Club revolves around rugby. The 2016 Super Rugby Tournament is well underway and although the new format may not be fully understood, Newlands remains well supported and, depending on the time of the match the Club is a popular meeting point for members and their guests before and after the game.

We look forward to hosting some Irish guests when South Africa take on Ireland in June.

Many of our members have had dealings with Serena Beddy at our front desk either in person or, on the telephone over the years but may not be aware that she took desperately ill late last year. Danie Appel and his team organized a most enjoyable dinner that was well supported by members and, attended by Serena and members of her family. The proceeds, will in a small way assist with medical costs but members wishing to make a contribution can still do so at Reception.

Our Chris Burger Petro Jackson fund raising dinner has been a popular annual event for a number of years now. More than R 100 000 was raised this year at a very well organized function enjoyed by all who attended and we hope to reach a seven figure contribution before the next Rugby World Cup.

At this time of the year, an inordinate amount of effort is required by management in following up late annual club subscription payments .Defaulters will however experience the inconvenience of cards that do not function at the gate, please ensure that your payment has been confirmed.

Our financial year has ended very positively and those details will be available in the Club`s Annual Report shortly. The Club`s AGM takes place early in June and due notice of the date, time and venue will be given to members.

Remember that your Club is open on those cold and rainy winter days and that there will always be something enjoyable on the menu and possibly a surprise like a curry!

Your support and constructive criticism remains a vital part of our vibrant Club

Jon Eagar

Club Chairman