Cape Town`s first winter rain of any significance arrived in the last week of April, an event welcomed by all that, not only lifted the mood but also brought long awaited relief to many a dry suburban garden and empty water storage tanks.

Our average dam position of just under 21% remains dangerously low but we need substantial rains in the catchment areas over the next few months to meaningfully improve the position as a 0.9% increase after that first winter rain  suggests our water position will not be resolved in a single winter without very sustained and abnormally high rainfall.      

The City is fortunately not currently staring down a very dry barrel with “Day Zero” firmly in its sights and we do not at this stage need to take reduction measures at the Club to another level.  However, our water position remains very critical, water saving initiatives at Kelvin Grove are in place and we need to continue working together using our on – site water source as effectively and efficiently as possible.

One of our water saving initiatives unfortunately resulted in members being inconvenienced by inconsistent water pressure in the change room showers. The cause of the problem not evident at the time of changing over from municipal to the on-site supply, has now been traced and will hopefully be resolved shortly.

The Club, notwithstanding the Cape`s critical water position enjoyed an excellent summer. Our sporting facilities have been well used and the swimming pool in particular proved to be a very popular family venue over an extended and very hot summer.

We will continue to encourage a family and child friendly environment at the Club. Next summer may require some form of guest control at the swimming pool and, the introduction of “Junior Swimmer Members” as well as stricter application of the requirement that children under the age of 16 using the pool are accompanied by an adult member.

Cricket lovers had international viewing opportunities with the Indian and Australian tours but this year`s rugby season has so far produced mixed results for the faithful. Somewhat unusually, while the Australians were tampering with a cricket game at Newlands, another Australian Rugby side was doing battle with the Stormers at Newlands Rugby Stadium.  A rare double feature that we are unlikely to experience again but despite the concurrent events, parking at Kelvin Grove interestingly was not a challenge on the day.

The three home games during May and the Test Match against England in late June will be interesting measures of parking demand, support of our food and beverage outlets and the number of members who find they cannot access the Club as they have not settled their subscription accounts!   

At the end of April 12% of our members had not settled their accounts and whereas the position is improving on a daily basis, the collective impact of these overdue subscription accounts on both our cash flow and VAT commitment to SARS is substantial. The names of those members with  outstanding subscription accounts will appear on the defaulters list on the Club`s Notice Boards.

Coupled to an excellent summer, Kelvin has enjoyed a very good financial year and I am  pleased to be able to confirm that our audited results for the year ended February 28th better the good performance recorded over the last two financial years and, that this year’s results are in fact the best in the Club`s  history. Financial detail will be published in the Annual Report due in May and tabled at our 93rd Annual General Meeting on June 4th  

Generating a surplus in any given financial year is however not possible without the continued support of our members and their guests and that, saw Food & Beverage and Functions turnover grow by 8% in the last year.

Food & Beverage turnover involved 162 550 servings during the year equating to an average of 13 546 servings per month or 448 per day. The Waterside and Coffee Shop, our relatively low budget outlets continue to be best supported in terms of volume, accounted for 60% of the servings at the Club and generated just over 22% of the food & beverage turnover for the year.

However whilst no component part of our Food & Beverage offerings is more important than the other and  Functions continue to be the major contributor to turnover, the numbers whether expressed by servings volume or, as a total Rand amount  mask the logistics and hard work supporting those numbers.

The annual Staff Awards Ceremony that took place at the end of April provided understated reminder of the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work carried out by our team of one hundred men and women, much of which happens behind the scenes in the early morning, and late evenings.

We tend to forget that a significant number of our staff are dependent on a continually unreliable public transport system but the fact that thirty staff members received perfect attendance awards for one to three years, speaks volumes. Nine staff members reached long service milestones of between 5 and 20 years, Functions was the best performer for the year and six staff members received other awards, the details of which are included in the newsletter.

Danie Appel and his team do their best to ensure the Kelvin experience is enjoyable for all of our members and guests and it is appropriate at financial year end to recognize and thank and Danie and his team for their sterling efforts during the past financial year, at the same time, I would like to thank my fellow members serving on the main and supporting Committee structures for their inputs and efforts during the year. Last and most importantly not least, our members for the continued support that sustained our food and beverage offerings and allowed Food & Beverage and Functions turnover to grow.

Whereas we may have “more sport and leisure activities that can be found at today’s newest and most up – to – date city and suburban exercise centres” our swimming pool will not be an attractive option for the next few months, tennis, bowls and croquet are likely to be rain interrupted but there are enjoyable food and beverage options at reasonable prices, an exciting programme of events on the Kelvin calendar, coaching opportunities on the squash courts and gym instructors that are on hand to keep matters in shape.

Enjoy the winter months at Kelvin.