Being the largest sports Club in South Africa, mention the name, Kelvin Grove, to those who have not yet experienced the many faceted nature of this unique Club, and words that may spring to mind are: history, heritage, tradition and excellence.

For the benefit of members, Kelvin Grove has long-standing reciprocity with many prestigious Clubs worldwide.

To our Members, the real pleasure and privilege of belonging to this club is its human face, the pure enjoyment of being part of a community of people of all ages, cultures and creeds, who celebrate life.

Magnificent architecture, excellent service and old world charm, coupled with all the excitement, variety, energy and action required by a new generation.

You’ll find this spirit of camaraderie and excellence throughout Kelvin Grove. At play, in a multitude of sporting facilities, a well equipped fitness centre, a number of restaurants and function rooms including our magnificent Ballroom. Or at work, in a variety of elegantly appointed rooms with up-to-date presentation facilities, catering for functions from the smallest and most select corporate meetings through to spectacular commercial launches seating hundreds.



Kelvin Grove’s history started in 1925 when the company Western Province Sports Club was originally formed. In 1935 the Club had a total of 1755 members. Today, Kelvin Grove has approximately 7000 members using the facilities on offer.

A look at the membership list leads to the pleasant discovery that Kelvin is very much a family affair, and among our young and equally active members, particularly in the cricket and rugby fraternities, are a great many sons and grandsons of our older members. We hasten to add that there are just as many daughters, but (a) they don’t play rugby or cricket, and (b) they have a disturbing habit of changing their names when they marry, so we don’t always know.