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Kelvin is proud to be associated with various National and International squash events.

The Club has eight squash courts which are well patronised and members may make reservations up to 48 hours in advance by phoning the reception office during office hours, except for Mondays when booking may be made from 16:00 the previous Friday. Members can also book on-line through the Club’s on-line booking system.

Members are required to use only non-marking balls and clear soled shoes.  No black or dark soled shoes are permitted. Squash balls may be purchased from the reception office. Guests may not use the squash facilities during peak periods on weekdays between 16:40 and 18:40. Ladies league games are played on Mondays between March and August starting at 18:30. For more information contact Miss Athlee Maclear on 083 610 1709 or email

Squash Bye-Laws

  1. Bookings for squash courts may be made two days in advance. Requests for block bookings must be directed to reception by a squash committee member
  2. Between 16:30 and 18:30 on weekdays the squash courts are for the use of members only, subject to the provision in bye-law (iii) (a) in respect of block bookings. Members booking courts during this period must give the names and membership numbers of themselves and their partners.
  3. The list of bookings will be posted each day in each of the squash court lobbies before 15:00
  4. Members may only book a court for their own use, and may not book a court unless it is their firm intention to take up the booking. The Club must be informed should a member need to cancel a booking.
  5. If a court is not taken up within 10 minutes of the time for which it is booked, it is automatically forfeited and is available to any member on hand.
  6. No member may book a court for more than two periods, a period being half-hour time slots on the half-hour.
  7. The squash courts will be open from 06:00 to 21:00 each day.
  8. The names of guests introduced into the Club only to play squash must still be entered in the Visitor’s Book and this constitutes a visit in terms of Rule 33.
  9. Members are required to wear recognised squash apparel whilst playing squash i.e. apparel to World Squash Federation standards. Clothing which will not be permitted includes jogging and running gear, vests and singlets, long shorts or “baggies” and beachwear. Clothing must be of a standard commensurate with the Club’s standing.
  10. Only recognised non-marking squash shoes may be used on the courts. (NO running shoes will be allowed).
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