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The croquet section is a very active and competitive part of the club. There are two full size croquet courts which are regarded as being the best in the Western Cape. The section plays in the Western Cape Croquet Association leagues and holds several in -house competitions throughout the season. Social plays are on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings throughout the year.

The croquet courts are open daily except on Monday and Friday mornings and one court is closed usually for maintenance between August and October.

Anyone wishing to join the croquet section is asked to contact a committee member, details of which are on the croquet notice board.

Croquet Bye-Laws

  1. All games shall be played as defined and regulated by the laws of the game as laid down by the South Africa Croquet Association.
  2. Members wishing to play croquet may do so on the courts allocated, but only members of the croquet section may take part on social or tournament days of the section.
  3. The head Groundsman, or in his absence, a member of the croquet Section Committee, or in his / her absence, the General Manager of the Club shall decide when the courts are not in a condition of play.
  4. Except when decided in paragraph (3) above, play on the courts shall be as follows:
  • Monday: closed until 16h00 for cutting and watering
  • Tuesday: open in the morning: Organised Club play in the afternoon
  • Wednesday: open in the morning : organised competition practice until 16h00 in the afternoon
  • Thursday: open all day
  • Friday: closed until 14h00 for cutting and watering
  • Saturday: Organised Club play in the morning : open in the afternoon
  • Sunday & Public Holidays: open all day except when competitions are scheduled
  1. Only flat shoes may be worn on the courts
  2. The Croquet Section Committee shall determine the dress code for organised club events including competitions and matches
  3. The Croquet section Committee may request members of their section to make a contribution towards the running costs.