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The Club has two bowling greens. Members wishing to join the bowling section are asked to contact the Bowls Chairperson. Details are available from Reception.

During the spring months, the two bowling greens are prepared for maintenance and are done seperately ie. one bowling green is open while the other is closed. Drinks, light snacks, tea and coffee can be served from the coffee shop.

Members wishing to play on any specific day must have their tabs in by the following times:

• Summer: Morning games 09:00, Afternoon games 13:45
• Winter: Morning games 09: 15, Afternoon games 13:45

Bowls Bye-Laws


All games shall be played as defined and regulated by the laws of the game of the South African Bowling Association.


Members wishing to play bowls may do so on the greens allocated, but only members of the Bowls Sections may take part in organised games.


The Green keeper, or, in his absence, a member of the Men’s Bowls Section Committee, or, in his absence, the General Manager of the Club, shall decide when the greens are not in a condition for play.


Except where otherwise determined in paragraph (3) above, the greens shall be available for playas follows:


• Monday: Closed
• Tuesday: Open all day
• Wednesday am: Closed
• Wednesday pm: Mixed – Tabs in
• Thursday: Open all day
• Friday am: Closed
• Friday pm: Mixed – Tabs in
• Saturday: Open all day
• Sunday am: Mixed – Tabs in
• Public Holidays am: Mixed Tabs in
• Twilight Bowls: Mixed ? Tabs in (by 16:15 for play at 16:30) First Thursday of every month from October to March


Twilight Bowls: Mixed ? Tabs in (by 16:15 for play at 16:30)

First Thursday of every month from October to March


The Bowls Committees may request members of their section to make a contribution towards the running of their section.


Dress Code

Dress shall be whites at all times, except from 1 st May to the declared end of the season when grey or navy may be worn.