WP Open League teams and results:

Kelvin Grove enters four league teams for the first time and exceed all expectations with two of the four winning their leagues and others just falling short of promotion. Well done to all! Mixed League and Men’s Doubles League season will be starting at the end of January for all that are interested, please contact the Tennis Manager, Jackie Booth.

Men’s singles first team wins 6th league with a clean sweep and will be promoted to 5th league next season

From left: James Lewis, Greame Trompeter, David Gerhardi, Pierre Taljaard (Grant McDonald Captain not pictured)

Men’s singles second team finished a respectable 3rd in 9th league, not far off the 2nd place club just narrowly missing promotion

From left: Pierre Joubert, Ken Gliddon, Danie Appel (Captain), Bokkie Du Plessis (other team members not pictured Kurt Werner, Burger Dreyer) A big thanks to Burger Dreyer for sponsoring the team kit!

Ladie’s singles first team won 1st league comfortably and will be promoted to Premier league next season.  Well done ladies!

From left:  Eden D ‘Oliveira, Ronel Pieterse, Julie Staples, Jackie Booth (other team members not pictured Shani van de Merwe and Suzie Gardiner) Thanks to ARGON and Tecnifibre for the sponsored kit!

Men’s Vets Doubles team finished also finished third in their category with some very strong competition this year.  Always good to have a few new additions to the teams.

From left: Craig Seigal, Tony Bredenkamp, Bob Hughes (Captain), Shaun Harris (other team members not pictured Terry Maguire, Karl Pitterman)

WP junior league:

Kelvin entered two junior teams in the WP junior league.  This is an exciting new junior initiative offering kids aged 7 – 14 an opportunity to compete in a more social environment and introduce them to club culture.  The U10 and U14 teams did exceptionally well in the first part of the season which concluded Saturday 11th November. 

U14 Kelvin team hosting Khayalitsha

From left: Kimberly Makin and mother Sara, Ken Gliddon and son Louis, Damien Rowe Davies and Tara Gavric (not pictured).  Other team members Mia Gavric, Georgina Neethling, Thomas Tilney, Carl van Wyngaarden, Nicholas Nejthardt, Thomas Saurma-Jeltsch, Daniel Krige, Sarah Tilney, Annabel Carryer, Matthew Ould

U10 Kelvin team:

From left:  Christina Carryer, Martin Barnard, Daniel Nejthardt, Eloise Rowe Davies.  Other team mates not pictured Olivia Nejthardt, Luca Birer, Daniel Ould, Elise Makin

Annual EP vs Kelvin dual match:

Kelvin has turned the tables by beating the EP team the last two years in a row.  Always a competitive day of tennis played in great spirit with tea, scones and followed by a terrific dinner at the Terrace. it is a day enjoyed by all, competitive players and the social players alike.  A big thanks to our GM Danie Appel and Paul Dukas for making this event a huge success!

Kelvin Team:


Kelvin Social Players