Another league season is drawing to a close and we are very pleased to say that Kelvin has done  well in several of the sections.  In the ladies  we are lying second in the 2nd and 5th league.  The Masters league is now finished for the 3rd and 5th league and it was super to have ended 2nd in the former. Congratulations to George and his team, Oli, Hilton, Graham, Phil and Kevin. A  ” little bitter sweet” but well done for beating the team who won the league in your last match! The men’s leagues still have several matches to play but are certainly not disgracing the club!!

Masters Interprov is being held in Port Elizabeth this year during September and we are  very happy to see so many members being selected for the occasion, including Richard Hilton, Mike Richardson, Phil Lundwall, Scotch Gibb, Vince Watters, Shirley Whitmore, Margie Hunt-Kemp and Robin Hunt-Kemp.  We wish you all good luck and enjoy your time in P E.

To the rest of the social and league players, keep enjoying your squash.

Margie Hunt-Kemp