Well Christmas and the New Year festivities have come and gone in rather a blinding flash – and 2017 seems hell bent on doing the same thing – or is it an age thing?

I’m pleased to report that everyone appears to have survived the silly season with nothing more serious than self-inflicted AR injuries – and damage to credit cards and cash reserves

From the get-go in early Jan we have had great support with booking requests exceeding our available reserved times.

This is encouraging as it speaks of new blood – Fe  Fi  Fo  Fum   !!??  – Meaning growth for the Kelvin Golf Section – Great news.

If required we shall ask the clubs to increase our 4 ball numbers

Clearly new members have read the constitution and realise it is respected and abided with –  1 = Fun  ….  2 = Fun ….  3 = Fun

We had a very fine “Beginning of the Year Party” on Friday 10 Feb, well supported and we believe well enjoyed.

The club came to the party with excellent service, food, attitude and support – even the “GM” had a ball

The evening was “on the house” for regular players – and semi sponsored for infrequent players and partners.

All funded by Fines, Raffles & the Cat

Thank you to all the generous donors for the variety of prizes which found homes through the lucky draw – negotiated by Paul Dukass and big Tom

………and thanks Paul for your intricate analysis of the years’ results – very interesting.

We look forward to more confusing stats in 2017 – and the audit committee is watching out for T-box “exchange rate fixing”…………..!!!

Fortunately no politicians or big corporate banks are involved – so the communication will be collusion free……….. And prizes will be hard earned

Here’s wishing you all a great 2017 on and off the course – Look forward to meeting up with you somewhere on the playing surface…… J

And as always……………..MAYPD

Regards Geoff C