Marion Ord Tournament on 16 December 2016


The Marion Ord tournament was a day of good cheer, lots of fun and

delightful comradery!   We introduced a new way of scoring – very interesting and maybe here to stay!   Everybody arrived in their best Xmas regalia, which always adds to the atmosphere of fun and cheer.   We had good bowls and a splendid lunch and a couple of prizes as well….   What more could one wish for at Christmas?

Bryan Caldwell, Margaret Fowler and Joyce Dewil were the winning team, followed very closely by Wendy Mitton, Wally Wood and Chris Alston.   Nigel Macdonald, Etienne Malan and Daphne Castell took third place.

Piers and Penny Steynor were “crowned” as the best dressed and the three very coveted hampers went to:     Sandy Bean (see picture below), Carol Henshilwood and Dawn Hillman!

Marion Ord Tournament 2017

Marion Ord Tournament 2017

The Winning Marion Ord Team

The Winning Marion Ord Team:

Bryan Caldwell, Margaret Fowler and Joyce Dewil

2-4-2 Competition

As usual the 2-4-2 competition was a huge success and a lot of fun.   The ultimate winners of the A section were Geoff Duffel-Canham and Ken Kennedy.   Shelley and Stuart Park took the honours in the B section.

Mad Hatters Annual Dinner – 24 November 2016

Although we had a couple of grumbles about the “Hat” theme for the Annual Dinner, we were astounded at the effort that went into making the theme work!   Our Annual Dinner was, once again, a very enjoyable evening with great food, great service and great company!   Thanks to everybody (and partners) who came to enjoy the evening with fellow-bowlers.

The evening’s Mad Hatter prizes went to:

  • The most original/inventive hat – Charmain Lawson
  • The funniest hat – Paula Bergh
  • The best overall hats – Carol and David Henshilwood for their “glowing” effort!

Personal Trust Invitational

The Personal Trust Invitational, where KG bowlers get the chance to test their bowling skills against 12 other clubs, was held in glorious Cape Town weather on Sunday 29 January 2017.   The best overall team was the team from Durbanville and the best Kelvin team was:  Penny Steynor, Mark Lancaster and Steve Berry.

Open Day – 8 February 2017

On Wednesday 8 February 2017, we had 9 “guests” turning up to try their hand at bowls.

Thanks to everybody who invited friends and family and/or marketed the event! Everybody had lots of fun and we are sure we will be able to persuade some of these “guests” to become permanent KG Bowls members.

Nite Bowls on 13 February 2017

The first official Bowls Function under the Floodlights took place on 13 February 2017.   The event was marketed through posters, the electronic notice board as well as an email to all KG members.   Well, we were blown away with the response!   All of this happened on Monday 6 February 2017, and by lunchtime we were fully booked for the event with 16 regular bowlers and a whopping 32 “newbies”.   We could have filled another rink with the “waiting list”.

The evening started off with some complimentary bubbly (sponsored by Personal Trust) followed with a lot of FUN on the Kelvin bowling green.   All the “exercise” worked up a serious appetite for all and Kelvin Grove came to the party with their delicious chicken and beef burgers.   A fitting end to a stunning evening. Watch this space for more from the Bowls Section.


Monday 13 February 2017 –  Fun Nite Bowls under the Floodlights at 18h00

Sunday 26 February 2017 –  Personal Trust Trips at 09h00

Monday 13 March 2017 –  Nite Bowls under the Floodlights at 18h00

Sunday 2 April 2017 –  Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players Fund Bowls Tournament at 08h30

9 April 2017 –  KG Friendly against Durbanville Bowling Club

7 May 2017 –  KG Friendly against WP Cricket Club.